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Daikin Ductless Heating ThermostatChances are your home is conventional as far as heating and cooling go. Your units have huge ducts that carry the treated air throughout your home. With those ducts come all the problems of that delivery system. Poor design and installation bring a bevy of problems, among them unevenly treated rooms. That one room that is always cold in the winter or hot in the summer. Joints can open or be damaged causing air loss, kinks in the ductwork…the list can be endless. Moreover, let’s not even mention the fact that your furniture has to be set so it doesn’t block a vent or return. Who needs that?

Airtex HVAC Heating and Cooling

daikin ductless heating homeThanks to Airtex HVAC Heating and Cooling, if you live in the Tacoma, Puyallup, Graham and Spanaway area of Washington you have an alternative. The professionals at Airtex HVAC have joined an elite team in bringing a revolutionary product to the public. They are part of the Daikin Heating and Cooling Contractor team. They bring the new Daikin Ductless Heating and Cooling System to the area.

It can be used alongside existing units for an added level of comfort or it can replace that old system effortlessly. There are six major benefits to the ductless system:

  • They are environmentally friendly. Instead of the huge unit and ductwork, Daikin Ductless Systems rely on a small compressor outside of your home that connects the units inside by a small copper pipe. The unit doesn’t burn fuel, lessening emissions while eliminating the potential safety problems associated with gas furnaces.
  • They are highly efficient, heating your home at a fraction of the cost of baseboard heating. They do this because they don’t have the energy losses through ductwork especially when it runs through cold attics. The average forced air system loses up to 30% from ducts. With the Daikin Ductless Heating System, that efficiency translates to dollars…25 to 50 percent savings on your winter heating bills.
  • They are a great solution for retrofits and older homes. Old buildings have thick walls that were simply not designed to contain ductwork but the new Daikin Ductless Heating System is an ideal alternative. Even the outside unit can be located up to fifty feet away from the indoor unit so you can hide it away at the rear of the home.
  • They are easy to install. Your Daikin Contractor team can usually install up to three zones in a day or two, saving you on installation costs. Even the wiring can run along the same lines cutting back on that as well. The Daikin Ductless Heating System doesn’t just save time on installs, it gets your home back on its normal schedule faster too.
  • They are décor friendly. Their flexible mounting allows you more design options in your rooms. The thin lines of the indoor units offer several options like wall mount, ceiling mount…even flush mounted with drop ceilings. There’s even a floor-standing model available. Outside, the compressor unit is typically the size of a suitcase so there are plenty of options with that as well
  • They are too easy to use. No matter where you decide to mount your unit, the easy wireless remote makes it a dream to operate. The Daikin Ductless System is just designed for the future in every way. Get Started and Call (253) 307-1161

More Special Ductless heating Features

Other features that make the system so desirable are allergen filtration, cutting the germ, bacteria and virus count in the air. It also absorbs odors giving your home cleaner and healthier air. It provides year-round comfort as both a heating and cooling unit. Finally, the advance technology adjusts in a very precise way  to keep a consistently comfortable indoor environment for your home.

Daikin Heating Systems are recognized worldwide

Ductless heting TacomaThe Daikin System is the future of home heating. There can be no doubt about that just as there is no doubt about the great things this system does. Whisper-quiet operation while delivering a 40% more energy efficient performance than central air units. Control options like automatic switch from heat to cool and low maintenance operation. All features that tell you the Daikin System is very much the future.

Just like the great team at Airtex HVAC and Cooling is. They are aware like you, that the times are changing. Especially in the world of energy and having an energy efficient home is almost mandatory these days. Even the state and federal governments are taking a bigger role in energy conservation. The Daikin Ductless Heating System will earn you an Energy Efficient Tax Credit and Rebate. Washington has joined the federal government in allowing tax credits and many other programs in the state are just as eager to reward those who are looking towards the future.

When you’re ready for that first step towards the future be sure to contact Airtex HVAC and their Daikin Contractors. It’s a call you won’t regret.