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RepairmanHome heating issues are so interactive that Airtex HVAC in Tacoma, WA, keeps his work phone answered 24/7.  His family owned  business is a source of the highest regard and respect from the community because of the due diligence he applies to each service and for each customer.  Mike answers problems personally if and when any develop, during or after a service application.  It is that personal involvement with his customers which he also expects of his employees.

Winter Inspection for Heat Filters, Furnace, Ducts and Plumbing

Winters in Tacoma mean business in all senses of the term.  Wintertime leaves its indelible mark on the towns, homes and people, and when heating or plumbing problems surface during winter, Mike and his crew will fly to your rescue and affect timely and cost effective repairs to reinstate your home to warm heating comfort and full plumbing services.  The company also offers a free sewer camera inspection with any other of our services!

Amana Means Perfection

As the greater Puget Sound’s certified Amana dealer, we can offer the highest quality equipment for your furnace, blowers and also installation of tankless water heaters.  We can guarantee that your family never runs out of hot water again, no matter what gremlins are dancing in the winds outside. We carry a full line of Amana gas stoves and other appliances which we can install for you quickly and at competitive prices.

All heating systems need to be inspected for any leaks, weak areas or duct defects before the big winter chill.  Your air returns and vents should also be inspected to make sure your home has fully centralized heating in every room and at every hour.  It is much easier and more cost effective to correct a leaky duct or plugged up vent before you actually need them to be operating at full capacity, than afterward.

Ultra Violet Lights Installed Kill Bacteria

The cold and flu system loves wintertime, and homeowners should consider installation of UV lights to kill bacteria in your air and heating system.  Winter dust, lint and germs can be dismissed efficiently and without a sound by the sanitizing ultra violet light in your ductwork. The best part of UV lighting in your ductwork is that there is no maintenance whatsoever. If it is plugged in, it is working, and they continue to work without fail for years before simply needing a new UV bulb installed.

Any improvements made to your heating and cooling system that save energy for our planet carry  hefty tax exemptions for you for the current tax year. This provides a win-win for your central heating and plumbing renovations and for your budget. Keep receipts with valuable documents and contact the Department of Energy, EIA Division, http://energy.gov/savings for where and how to apply.


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Is it time to replace my heating system? What are the reasons for you to replace your central heating system? You should consider several factors:



We all know the Pacific Northwest Weather in summer. One extreme to the other, from extremely hot to extremely cold.



Take advantage a new high efficiency 95% home furnace, made to cut your heating bills in half. Most furnaces come with a lifetime warranty.